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Wolfgang Heinz (German, 1930–2014) work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices over $3,800 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. In 2016 auction Blick auf Frauenchiemsee an einem sonnigem Sommertag, (50cm x 60xm or 23 1/2″ x 19 3/4″) sold at Sieglin Auction House in 2021 is for $1,090 USD. The painting Alpine Haymaking sold in Great Britain by 1stDibs for $3,900 USD. His largest known painting is Alpine Lake.

Born in 1930 in Schopfheim, Kreis Lörrach, Germany. He died on 10 March 2014, in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, Germany, at the age of 83. Heinz was a landscape and genre painter, whose artistic training was in Munich, Dusseldorf and Darmstadt. He went on study trips to Italy, France, Spain and Holland. He is credited with exhibitions in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles and New York. His paintings were signed W Heinz. The artist died in 2014. For more info visit his page at Artnet…

Artist Gallery

Wolfgang Heinz – Alpine Scene

55 x 96cm, 21" x 38", Sold 2023

Wolfgang Heinz – Forester with hunting dog

70 x 100cm, 27" x 39", 1930, Sold

Wolfgang Heinz – Frauenchiemsee

50 x 60cm, 19" x 23", Sold 2021

Wolfgang Heinz – Alpine Lake

91 x 122cm, 36" x 48", large, Private collection

Wolfgang Heinz – Ice Fun

60 x 80cm, 23" x 31", Sold 2019

Wolfgang Heinz – Main Valley

70 x 100cm, 27" x 39"

Wolfgang Heinz – Alpine Scene

61 x 91cm,  24" x 36"

Wolfgang Heinz – Alpine Scene

size unknown, Sold 2020

Wolfgang Heinz – Harvesting, 1978

62 x 93cm, 24.5" x 36.5", Sold $3,900

Other Artist with similar name:

Wolfgang Heinz Unger (German, 1929–2019) was a German painter known for his realistically rendered pastoral landscapes. His work often features mountain scenes or outdoor events in which groups of people are directly interacting with their surroundings: encircling a group of horses or hay bales, skiing down mountains with their poles stuck into the snow. Born in 1929, Unger’s brushy Impressionistic paintings depict tropes and scenes common throughout the late 19th century, and appear to be stylistically influenced by French painter Claude Monet and German artist Max Slevogt. His pantings were signed W. H. Unger. For more visit his page at Artnet…

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